Mortgage Loan Originator, License #1808151
(509) 771-5135

In our industry, we are constantly tasked with answering the questions: who are you and why would you be the best fit to work with throughout the Homebuying process? I am a transplant to Wenatchee from Tri-Cities where I grew up. I came to this beautiful, magical valley 7 years ago, and will always call Wenatchee ‘home” after planting our roots here. I am happily married to my husband, Chris, who is a small business owner. We recently became first-time parents with a precious daughter, and have two fur-baby dogs.

I evolved into the Mortgage arena by way of my mom. She was a Property Manager and I was always in tow! Growing up, I thought I would be an Accountant and set my sights on becoming a CPA. I soon realized what I really loved was math and how it makes sense. Our entire life revolves around, in some part, the ‘black and white’ of numbers. My husband’s family was involved in some aspect of Real Estate and wealth-development through homeownership. It was at that point that the Accounting, Math and Ownership concepts melded for me.

Some of my more recent experience has prepared me most for the industry of coaching, processing and executing fulfillment for the homebuyers I serve. In our immediate community, the lack of solutions created much grief for our community; and I was put on the path to set up and oversee a multitude of houses. I participated and observed the buying and negotiation process of setting up these investment properties, and facilitated the process of screening and filling the beds. I leaned-in to being in service and loved it much more than I ever thought possible. I emerged as a leader and an advocate: for the owners, the community and for the residents. My life was lit up with satisfaction and pride for the successes of our efforts.

Working for this organization has helped me along with hundreds of families and in turn the community. I plan to keep helping the community by showing others that home buying dreams are possible. I love the process and the experience, and I’m blessed to be in a position to do this on a grander scale. I vow to be there every step of the way for my borrower’s journey. For over 6 years, I’ve been working hard to bring my dreams to life and now I get to help you realize yours. I can’t wait to talk with you!