Not every lender offers every loan.

Working with CORE Mortgage means working with a lender that has a variety of loan programs designed to support a variety of unique financial situations.

Extensive Industry & Product Knowledge

The best in the industry work with CORE Mortgage

In-house Processing & Underwriting

Streamlined processes and nearby teams help simplify and speed up communication.

Variety of Loan Programs & Options

Over 35 mortgage products to help find the right loan for every home purchase journey.

Competitive Interest Rates

Some of the most competitive rates in the nation

No Cost Pre-Qualification

Plus, fast approvals

No Origination Points

Low closing costs and NO HIDDEN FEES

Experienced & Reliable Industry Partners

Trust the process to our licensed industry experts

Dedicated Mortgage Loan Professionals

We work with top of the line industry experts and it shows in our customer experience

Shopping for a Home Loan? 5 Quick Pro Tips:

1. Compare rate to rate and fee to fee
a) Make sure you’re comparing interest rates from the same day – rates change with the bond market changes (sometimes there are multiple fluctuations daily).
b) Every mortgage lender has a different way of quoting costs. Don’t simply look at interest rates – look at all the fees that come into play throughout the process. These fees can be easily found on your lender’s Loan Estimate.
2. Go over your Loan Estimate (LE) with a fine tooth comb.
a) Every lender is required to provide you with an LE within three business days of receiving your application. The Loan Estimate has improved the home buyer process and made it easier for consumers to compare prices between lenders.
3. Know the fees that lenders charge
a) Appraisal/Credit Report and Application Fees. These are fees paid to companies other than the lender for services necessary to obtain your loan.
b) Loan Origination and Points. Convert fees to actual dollars to get a truer cost comparison. Some lenders quote zero point loans but charge an origination or broker point. CORE Mortgage does NOT charge any origination points. YOU always choose whether you pay any other points.
c) Lender charges. These fees vary significantly between lenders
d) Title fees. Fees paid directly to a title company.
4. What loan program could be right for you?
There are 5 major loan programs, but many other loan programs that could work for your specific financial situation. Take time to understand what is possible and what the preferred product might be for your financial situation.
5. Watch out for short lock-in tricks.
Quotes on a 15 day lock can results in nasty surprises for consumers. If the lock expires prior to the closing of the mortgage, the consumer loses the lock. Usually this results in a higher interest rate. At CORE Mortgage, we quote all of our rates on 30, 45 or event 60 day locks to allow you plenty of time to get the home of your dreams, unrushed.