Mortgage Advisor, License #2115382
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Upon Graduation from Butler University in 1985. I began my professional career with the Hertz Corp. The experience gained was invaluable as I sharpened my operational skills, Sales, human resources and planning skills. Managing multiple locations in the Midwest allowed the development of my business acumen with hands on experience running multiple profit centers. As my career moved on and I relocated out west, several positions along the way continued my development as an executive within the Corporate structure. Marketing skills, forecasting and financial management began to take over as my prime responsibilities. I was elected to the Board of Directors and found this function to be very stimulating in terms of playing a key role in the long term success of a business. At the end of the day, what I enjoy most is the daily interaction with customers, both active and potential. I thrive on providing intelligent, well thought out strategy’s and then executing day in a day out.

In 2001, I became a business owner and built a small network of companies, acting as the CFO of my company. Banking relationships, lines of credit, Long term financing and international finance became a focus of my efforts. The Sales exposure in all positions I have held over the years allowed me to become a trusted advisor for my customer base while become proficient in the “sales cycle”. Following financial markets over the years allowed me develop an outlook for the near and long term future as it relates to business growth and opportunity.

In May of 2021, I began a new career with CORE Mortgage. A first class company with a focus on the customer experience, providing in depth analysis and tools designed to make the interaction with homeowners and real estate agents productive and mutually beneficial.

The 30+ years of experience with Companies like the Hertz Corp, International Truck and Engine and Desert Trailer Systems allows me to parlay the skill sets acquired over the years to be a trusted advisor in the mortgage industry. I have always tried to differentiate myself from others by providing clear, accurate and timely information to my customers and partners. Paying the price of success is the key to any endeavor, and I look forward to utilizing my past experience to offer a First Class Customer experience. My motto has always been, if you are going to do something, you might as well be awesome.