Mortgage Loan Originator, License #2280664

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Thank you for taking the time to read a snippet about me! My goal is for you to get to know a little more about me and are we a good fit?

I haven’t always been a Mortgage Lender; however, I have realized that what brings me the greatest joy, and the ultimate fulfillment in my work and in my life – is helping people. As a Horticulturist consultant, I have gotten the privilege working with Washington growers’ side-by-side throughout their challenges (and their ‘wins’), and it’s safe to say mother-nature is good at bringing a good deal of challenges. When we live a ‘conventional’ life, it’s rare that we remember, we can marry our passion with our walk-in-life. This is the very reason for my excitement on my entering the realm of providing guidance and expertise in mortgages, within the residential real estate arena. I have had this goal – this desire to help more in this industry — for most of my life. I have studied not just guidelines, structuring and compliance – but how best to weather any storm; how to provide advanced-education for my borrowers – and what are the ‘why’s’ for a ‘make-sense’ transaction to be the best possible go-to partner for both my clients, my agent-partners and for the community, as a whole. I want to be someone you can trust to coach and connect you with infinite resources, always with keeping a ‘win’ for you, in mind!

My wife, Tatiana, and I have been together since my first year in college and her last year of high school. My best ‘life-decision’ as looking-back, I would not have it any other way. She is my best friend and my partner in everything. We live, work, parent, invest, grow and play together! We are super proud parents of two beautiful children. We have created some long-term financial security in our short-and-long term home rental homes. These investments have given us amazing experience in understanding the residential market. We know what it’s like to be on ‘your’ side of the desk when you first start out; but rest assured with me – I am here to serve you, and we will always be on the same-side.

Most folks agree that I am easy to talk to; and very goal-driven (give me where you want to go…and let’s work a plan to get you there!). You reading this is a good indicator that you may have a goal in buying a new home, I am here to help you achieve that too. Talk with you soon!